Toesy Comfy Trimmable Barefoot Insoles - Felt

Available sizes:
6K - 7K ; 8K - 9K ; 10K - 11K ; 12K -  1 ;
2  -  3 ; 4 - 4.5 ; 5 - 5.5 ; 6 - 6.5 ; 7 - 8  ; 9 - 10 

    • Thin and flexible insoles
    • Wider surface to fit the width and shape of barefoot shoes
    • Trimmable with scissors
    • Made of polyester felt
    • Made in Europe


    The Toesy Insoles were designed with a wider surface and shape to fit into your barefoot shoes. Crafted from 3mm thin polyester felt, these insoles offer a subtle thermo-isolating layer without the added bulk. They also provide mild cushioning and are perfect if you need to fill a bit of shoe space or replace worn-out insoles.

    Although wider than most standard insoles, these barefoot insoles are not universally fitting due to the various toe box shapes of different barefoot shoe brands and will need a slight adjustment, especially in the toe area. To ensure the perfect fit, the insoles are easily trimmable by sharp scissors. If your shoe toe box is significantly different from the shape of the insoles, we recommend sizing up for the best fit.

    How to determine the size and shape of the insole required for your shoes?

    If you are replacing existing insoles, use those as a template. Easy! For shoes without removable insoles, cut out a piece of paper matching the external shape of your shoe, stick it in the shoe, smooth it down, and create a groove with your fingernail around the inner edge of the shoe. Take the paper out, cut it to shape, and use it as a template for trimming your insoles.

    To keep your shoes and insoles in the best possible condition, please follow the care instructions.Muffik Mat Care

    • Replace your insoles regularly
    • In order to prevent mould and bacteria buildup in your shoes remove insoles after each wear and set aside to air. 
    Thermal: Yes
    Brand: Voxx
    Weight: 0.1kg