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Finding shoes with a great fit can be tricky, and we absolutely understand that shopping for footwear online can be daunting. That’s why we’ve tried to make it clear and simple as possible with an easy measuring process you can do at home, to make sure you can buy from us in confidence - and remember you can also make use of our Free Returns Policy if need be! Bubbly Toes Barefoot Logo Help

Here’s our GUIDE to making sure you find the perfect fit at Bubbly Toes... Bubbly Toes To Do List

Make sure you measure

Always Leave a Little Extra Space

Measuring Hints & Tips…

It’s OK to Order Two Sizes to Try

Do you have a Bubbly First Toe or Bubbly Second Toe?

Make Sure You Measure Bubbly Toes Barefoot Thick Off

We source products from across Europe, seeking out the best barefoot shoes and accessories for our customers here in the UK. Our shoes are sized in EU sizes, however, each brand will have variations in their size and fit so sizing isn’t as simple as just converting to a UK size. 

That’s why we measure the internal dimensions of every single shoe and size. You’ll find this information in the product description Sizing section.  

We recommend that you always measure your, or your child's, feet prior to every purchase - don’t just order your usual size. And don’t worry - it’s simple to do at home…


1. Place a sheet of plain paper on a smooth flat surface with the short edge against the wall 

2. Pop one foot onto the long edge ensuring that the heel and the longest toe is lined up with the edge

3. Stand normally with weight distributed evenly on both feet

4. Put a mark where the longest toe ends

5. Step aside and measure the distance from the corner of the sheet to your mark

6. Repeat for the other foot

 Always Leave a Little Extra Space Bubbly Toes Barefoot Thick Off

Toes need space. Leave just as much wriggle room between the tips of your toes and the front edge of the shoe as you feel confident walking in without the risk of tripping over - and always check that your child walks safely in the shoes. As a guide, we recommend the following:

First walkers: Approx. 6 - 10mm
Confident walkers: Approx. 12mm + up to 5mm growing room
Adults: 8-16mm

(in general, the newer you are to barefoot shoes, the less extra space you will require)

 Measuring Hints & Tips… Bubbly Toes Barefoot Hints & Tricks

 It’s OK to Order Two Sizes to Try Bubbly Toys Barefoot Order & Try

Measurements, no matter how accurate, can never tell the full story of how a shoe will fit, nothing can beat trying them on and taking a few steps in them. So unlike many retailers, we don’t mind if you make use of our FREE RETURNS POLICY and order two different sizes if you’re at all unsure of fit, keeping the pair that fit best. All we ask is that you try the shoes on indoors, and return them to us in the same condition and packaging in which you received them. 

 Do you have a Bubbly First Toe or Bubbly Second Toe?

The shape of your shoes should follow the shape of your feet as closely as possible. Often it's the length of the toes that dictates foot shape, with some toes sticking out more than the others. In general, these longer toes (commonly called dominant toes) will be either the first (known as the big toe) or the second toes. Whichever are longer are your dominant toes - or as we like to call them, either your Bubbly First or Bubbly Second Toes!

Look at your feet: 

Bubbly Toes Barefoot Bubbly First Toes

Is your first toe considerably longer than the rest? Then you are a proud owner of Bubbly First Toes! Check out shoes that provide enough space for Bubbly First Toes HERE.

Bubbly Toes Barefoot Bubbly Second Toes

Is your second toe the longest? Congratulations, you have Bubbly Second Toes. Check out shoes that are shaped to accommodate feet with Bubbly Second Toes HERE.