Shoe Refresher Deodoriser Dehumidifier Bags

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    • Shoe deodoriser and dehumidifier bags
    • Help eliminate odour and dampness
    • Help prevent growth of bacteria and funghi
    • Easy to use, lasts for at least 8 weeks
    • Chemical-free
    • Sold in pairs
    • Made in Europe

    Eliminate shoe odour and dampness with Batavan Shoe Dehumidifier Bags. Containing moisture-wicking mineral compounds infused with the fresh scent of herbal essential oils, these dehumidifier bags not only banish bad smells, but also prevent the growth of bacteria and mould, ensuring your footwear remains fresh and clean.
    Using these dehumidifier bags is very easy. Simply open the package, remove any insoles from your shoes and put the dehumidifier bags in them overnight. Then, alternate between various pairs that are not in use, or utilise them to freshen up your shoe cabinet.
    These convenient and chemical-free shoe dehumidifiers last for at least 8 weeks, making shoe care easy and non-toxic.

    Brand: Toesy
    Weight: 0.05kg