Self-adhesive Heel Grip Cushions - Nude / White / Black Suede Upper

Available options:
Black ; Grey ; Nude

    • Self-adhesive heel pads
    • Soft suede upper
    • Three colour options: Black, White and Nude
    • Made in Europe

    The Stick-In Heel Grips are helping to reduce extra space around the heel and provide a gentle yet secure grip on your feet. They are especially beneficial for barefoot shoes when the toe area fits well but there's too much space around the heel. Made from a soft suede leather upper and a comforting foam inner, they not only help shoes fit better but also prevent chafing and rubbing, promoting optimal foot health and comfort.
    Each heel grip comes with a self-adhesive backing, ensuring quick and easy application. Simply peel off the protective film and firmly press into your shoe at the heel section. 
    Perfect for adults' and kids' shoes alike, our heel grips are available in three colours - white, black, and nude, and are sold in pairs. Transform your footwear experience with our Stick-In Heel Grips - the perfect companion to any barefoot shoe.

    Brand: Toesy
    Weight: 0.05kg