Protetika Barefoot Dony Mesh Upper Shoes - Grey & Pink

With a toe and heel bumper to offer protection and a breathable mesh upper, these shoes are suitable for medium width (and slightly narrower/wider) feet with lots of room for toes .

    • Sole - 7mm rubber
    • Upper - mesh & suede
    • Lining - fabric
    • Removable leather insole
    • Toebox - anatomically shaped
    • Heel & toe bumpers
    • No heel rise
    • No arch support
    • Double strap velcro fastenings

    Bubbly Toes Bare necessities No Arch SupportBarefoot Shoes Basic Features Anatomic LightBarefoot Shoes Basic Features No Heel DropBarefoot Shoes Basic Features FlexibleBarefoot Shoes Basic Features Anatomic ShapeBarefoot Shoes Basic Features Thin SoleBarefoot Footwear Properties Non Toxic

    Lightweight and perfect for growing feet, these shoes from Protetika have a fabric mesh upper with leather detailing. A soft flexible sole overlaps the fabric upper to offer protection while letting the foot move as nature intended, with plenty room for toes and zero heel drop. While the sole of these shoes may feel slightly stiffer straight out the box, with just a few steps it will soften giving excellent flexibility.

    In pink and grey with double strap velcro fastenings, these lightweight children’s barefoot shoes are particularly suitable for medium width feet (can also accommodate slightly narrower/wider), these shoes are supplied with a leather insole.

    Bubbly Toes MeasurementWe recommend that you always measure your feet prior to every purchase - don’t just order your usual size. Check the Sizing section for internal length / width dimensions and the Sizing help page for more information.

    Bubbly Toes Barefoot Size Chart Information Protetika Barefoot

    We recommend that you always measure your feet prior to every purchase - don’t just order your usual size.

    The internal length and width of each shoe is carefully measured so you can easily select the most suitable size. Length is measured through the longest part of the shoe (usually heel to big toe), and width is measured across the widest part of the shoe directly above the insole.

    For width, don’t worry if your foot measurement is slightly larger than the measurement displayed, the upper material can accommodate feet wider than the insole.

    UK Size Inner Length (cm) Inner Width (cm) Manufacturer's Size
    4 K 13.0 5.8 20
    4.5 K 13.4 5.9 21
    5 K 14.0 6.0 22
    6 K 14.7 6.1 23
    7 K 15.4 6.2 24
    7.5 K 16.1 6.3 25
    8 K 16.8 6.5 26
    9 K 17.5 6.7 27
    10 K 18.2 6.9 28
    11 K 18.8 7 29
    12 K 19.5 7.2 30
    12.5 K 20.2 7.3 31
    13 K 20.9 7.5 32
    1 21.6 7.6 33
    2 22.2 7.7 34
    2.5 22.9 7.8 35

    How to choose the correct size?
    1.  Measure your child's feet.
    2. Use the bigger foot length and add between 0.6cm and 1.6cm wriggle room.
    3. Select the most appropriate internal length from the box.
    4. Order the corresponding UK Size.

    Visit our Sizing help page for more information.

    UK Size Kids: K 9
    UK Size: 1
    EU Size: 27
    Colour: Grey & Pink
    Upper Material: Fabric & Leather
    Width Range: Medium
    Brand: Protetika Barefoot
    Weight: 0.7kg
    To keep your shoes in the best possible condition, please follow the care instructions.Bubbly Toes Barefoot Care
    • Remove dirt and grime with a damp cloth.
    • Gently clean with a suede brush.
    • Dry away from direct heat.
    • Remove the insoles to dry separately.
    • Do not use bleach or harsh cleaning products.
    • Do not machine wash.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Do not soak.
    • Color transfer may occur when damp or wet.