Muffik Sensory Play Mat Set Peony Firm Add On 4

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An ideal addition to Muffik sensory mat collection you already have

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Dino Eggs Firm Lilac Single Sensory Mat Muffik


Grass Firm Pink Single Sensory Mat Muffik


Muffik Sensory Floor Mat Set Peony Mini 4


Seashells Firm Lilac Single Sensory Mat Muffik

  • Set of 3 standard sized & 4 mini mats 
  • Pink and purple colourway
  • Material: Flexible PVC
  • Dimensions of each standard sized mat: 29.8cm x 29.8cm x thickness 1-5cm approx. 
  • Dimensions of each mini mat : 17.3cm x 14.3cm x thickness 1-5cm approx. 
  • Tested according to EU standard EN 71-1:2014 + A1:2018 and EN 71-2:2011 + A1:2014 and EN 71-3:2019-08
  • Included:
  1. Dino Eggs Firm Lilac
  2. Grass Firm Pink
  3. Seashells Firm Lilac
  4. Starfish Soft Purple Mini
    Seashells Firm Pink Mini
    Grass Soft Pink Mini
    Meadow Firm Lilac Mini

Muffik massage floor mat properties soft, flat profileMuffik massage floor mat properties firm, high profile

Bright, vibrant and full of positivity, this set of firm sensory mats makes an ideal addition to Muffik sensory mat collection you already have. The firm mats are most suitable for experienced walkers, allowing natural foot movement and balance, whilst the mini mats add extra variability and additional surfaces to explore. In purple, pink and lilac tones, the Peony mat collection is ideal for playrooms, children's bedrooms - or any room that could benefit from a little fun and colour! Feel the natural benefits for both body and mind!

Inspired by nature, Muffik sensory mats bring texture and colour to your room. Designed to strengthen the body and improve posture, balance and coordination in a fun, playful way, mix and match Muffik sensory mats to stimulate the body and mind, with benefits for both adults and children: 

  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Improve gross motor skills by walking and playing on the mats
  • Improve fine motor skills by combining and observing the textures
  • Relieve aching feet after a long day or pop 2-3 textured mats under your desk while you work
  • Practise mindful walking - helpful while transitioning from normal shoes to barefoot
  • Easily interlock different texture combinations for maximum benefits
  • Brighten and enliven flat surfaces with a many, or as few, textured mats as you wish

To keep your Muffik mats in the best possible condition, please follow the care instructions.Muffik Mat Care

  • When not in use, store flat in a horizontal position.
  • Rinse under running water with some mild detergent using a gentle brush if required.
Firmness: Firm
Size: 4 Piece Set
Collection: Peony (Lilac & Pink)
Brand: Muffik
Weight: 1.4kg