How do I find out whether my feet are narrow or wide?

It can be difficult to decide, especially if you do not have a few pairs of feet on hand to compare yours with. That's why we created this foot-width calculator*. Just measure your feet (if you are not sure how to feel free to get in touch or read through our Sizing Help page), insert your measurements below and the calculator will do the rest.

Our Width Calculator is still a ‘work in progress’ project, and we are also working on a Heel Width Calculator (to differentiate between U-shaped and V-shaped, or 'pizza-slice' feet) and Instep Height Calculator

If you would like to help us develop our fit calculators, please send us your feet dimensions here. No need to fill in all fields, any input will help! 

Please note, the proper fit of shoes also depends on other factors, like heel width, instep height, and shape of toes... but knowing the width is a good starting point.

* The calculations are based on data collected from volunteers wearing barefoot shoes and at present is configured for women and children (sorry guys, we don’t yet have enough data from you!).