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We are Erika and Kamila, founders of Bubbly Toes Barefoot.

We were both lucky enough to grow up surrounded by nature - running barefoot on the grass, marvelling at the sensation of stepping on sun-heated pebbles and experiencing the thrill of leaving footprints in fresh snow. But when we were children, shoes were stiff, uncomfortable, thick leather affairs that nipped and rubbed and very quickly squashed your toes. That’s why we’d take them off every chance we got and run around barefoot to experience every texture, temperature and tickle without clunky footwear.

These memories formed our passion for barefoot footwear. Barefoot shoes allow feet to move and adjust naturally, while offering protection and comfort. Life is made up of so many experiences. Fun, freedom, play, exploration, imagination, adventures, friendships, sunshine and snow...and for both adults and children, every beautiful experience adds a little more confidence, a little more knowledge, and a little more character. The benefits of barefoot, from ultra-comfortable barefoot footwear to the physical and heath positives of barefoot sensory experiences, offer a fantastic way to help experience life unhindered and keep feet healthy - just as nature intended. 

Our mission is to encourage you to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors, reconnecting with nature and being barefoot - and allowing children to be too. And when that isn’t possible or practical, our barefoot shoes give you and your children all the benefits of barefoot, but in a safe, protected way, while our sensory mats reawaken your soles creating healthy happy feet - and blissful Bubbly Toes!  Bubbly Toes Barefoot Logo

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