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Welcome to Bubbly Toes!

Barefoot Shoes & Accessories

At Bubbly Toes you’ll discover everything you need for your barefoot journey, with a range of products you can use everyday. 

Sourcing footwear not readily available in the UK, we bring together the best products from European brands, including small makers, all of whom share our passion for barefoot. 

We specialise in shoes for adults and children, which allow feet natural movement while being safe and protected, and our textured floor mats tickle toes and invigorate your feet, bringing the sole sensations of the outdoors into your room for you to explore anytime.

Our range of accessories includes shoelaces, insoles, cleaning products, waterproofing sprays, socks and tights - all the essentials you need to maintain your footwear and keep your feet healthy and happy.

Treat your feet by letting them work just as nature intended - and take a step forward on your barefoot journey with Bubbly Toes! 

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